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Secondhand smoke related to asthma in children

The dangers of secondhand smoke have been well documented. As such, many parents are concerned with protecting kids from these harmful vapors, and research suggests they have good reason to be. Secondhand smoke has been found to aggravate asthma in children, which in turn can lead to missed school days, poor sleeping habits and an aversion to physical activity, Reuters reported. 

"I think the most important factor is that even low level exposure - the kind of exposure that might happen with a parent who smokes outside - can have negative consequences," Dr. Karen M. Wilson, who studies exposure to secondhand smoke in children, told the news source. "Not smoking at all, and limiting exposure from other sources ... is the best way to protect children with asthma." 

Protecting children from secondhand smoke is of the utmost importance, but some parents will want to do more than simply keep kids away from smokers. Investing in a medical-grade home air purifier such as the IQAir GC MultiGas can be a good choice for these families. The filter is capable of ridding the air of a wide variety of chemicals and irritants, including secondhand smoke.