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Prepare for poor winter air quality

Winter is right around the corner, and that means individuals must be prepping for the arrival of low temperatures and inclement weather. Of course, they must also brace themselves for potential poor air quality, which can often arise as a byproduct of winter. 

According to CBS News, winter typically has worse air pollution than the other seasons due to a combination of weather conditions and an increase in the number of homes and buildings burning fuel for heat. There is also a jump in the number of people relying on cars to get around in colder temperatures, instead of walking or biking like they may do in warmer times. 

As more people spend time indoors and start heating their homes, air quality can become compromised. That makes it extremely important to take steps to improve the environment in the home, including cleaning spaces properly and doing whatever is necessary to avoid the build up of irritants. 

One way to get ready for winter is by investing in a high-end home air purifier like the IQAir GC MultiGas. When individuals want to clear the air of a wide variety of irritants, whether it is second-hand smoke, chemicals or other pollutants, this type of home air filter may be the right choice.