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Many Americans live near roads with high air pollution

Individuals may take steps to keep pollution and chemicals out of your home, but the proximity of a house to major roads could be a significant factor in the amount of toxins found within it. A recent study from a researcher at the University of New Mexico, published in the journal Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment, examined just how the location of a home and pollution levels are connected. 

According to the study, almost one-fifth of the U.S. population lives within 500 meters, or 1,640 feet, of heavy traffic. That includes about 35 million people who live within 300 feet of a major roadway. While this proximity may be convenient for transportation, it exposes residents to a variety of pollutants that can cause asthma and even lung cancer, the Los Angeles Times reported. 

The state with the largest portion of residents living in polluted areas was California. According to the study, about 40 percent of the population in The Golden State lives close to a busy road that could be a source of pollution. Despite the number of people close to these problem areas, little is currently being done to monitor air pollution in regions across the country. 

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