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Airborne mold spores reach dangerous levels in the Midwest

People throughout the U.S. may be happy to be breathing in the crisp fall air, but some residents in the Midwest have to deal with unwanted toxins. The Gottlieb Allergy Count, which acts as the official allergen evaluation standard for the American Midwest, recently found that the level of mold in the air at the end of September was approaching dangerously high levels.

"The heat, the humidity and the rains have created a dangerous concentration of mold that is a real health hazard for many in the Midwest today," said Dr. Joseph Leija, an allergist who has conducted the Gottlieb Allergy Count in the region for more than 20 years. 

On Sept. 20, the mold count reached 125,000, which is the largest so far in 2013 and considerably more than the 50,000 threshold that signals poor air quality. Individuals suffering from allergy symptoms may experience headaches, itchy throats and congestion as a result of this high mold count. The increased presence of mold also means it may be difficult for individuals to find relief. 

This study emphasizes the need for individuals to take certain precautions to protect themselves from airborne mold spores. Those who purchase a high-end home air purifier like the IQAir HealthPro Plus will be able to breathe more freely even when the mold count is high.