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Be proactive: Tips for helping your pet deal with allergies

Allergies are a common problem for many Americans. Whether families deal with environmental allergies such as grass or ragweed, or food allergies with peanut butter or milk, the majority of people understand the annoying symptoms of this problem. Unfortunately, the same side effects that plague kids and adults can also pop up in pets, making it more important than ever to learn the signs of pet allergies and ways to stave them off. 

"Seasonal allergies are just as frustrating for pets as they are for humans," said veterinarians from Wadsworth Animal Hospital in Lakewood, Colo. "Since many skin conditions have similar symptoms, pet dermatology is essential to identifying the precise trigger for a pet's skin problem... "

There are many ways to evaluate if a pet has allergies, starting with monitoring the animal to check for any differences in its behavior. For example, a dog that is suddenly scratching or biting its skin more, sneezing or experiencing more build-up in its eyes could be living with allergies. CNN reports pet owners can help their allergic dogs and cats feel better by making sure the house is clean and free of dust mites and pollen. Vacuuming regularly, keeping the windows shut during peak allergy season and even investing in a medical-grade air purifier like the IQAir HealthPro Plus, can all help a dog or cat and the family feel better.