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Allergy season predicted to be longer, worse for people

Environmental allergies like ragweed, pollen and grass can leave people with nasty symptoms ranging from runny noses and itchy eyes to soar throats and hives. While none of these side effects are ideal, most people understand that with the help of OTC medication and a medical-grade air purifier like the IQAir HealthPro Plus, the frustrating symptoms will be gone before they know it.

However, what was once a quick allergy season is now growing into a much longer period of time. CBS Chicago reports a slew of different factors have made allergy seasons last longer, and made them worse for those affected.

"The carbon dioxide makes the greens grow bigger and, the same thing with the weeds," Dr. Joseph Leija, an allergist, told the news outlet. "We can reasonably anticipate that in the future there is going to be a lot more exposure to pollen and that will precipitate more symptoms."

While this news may be hard to hear, there are plenty of ways those with environmental allergies can survive the season. Staying away from trees, bushes and other shrubs that produce pollen is a must, as is keeping windows closed in the home and investing in nasal sprays or eye drops to curb symptoms.