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Researchers examining link between pollution, severe asthma

Although the connection may seem obvious, researchers in Pennsylvania are hoping to definitively prove the link between levels of airborne pollutants and severe cases of asthma, reports CBS News.

Scientists at Allegheny General Hospital in Pittsburgh are seeking participants for a new study into how levels of air pollution affect the severity of asthma symptoms. Doctors also hope to determine whether seasonal temperatures play a significant role in asthma attacks.

"We're at a time of the year where there's increased levels of air pollution," Deborah Gentile with Allegheny General's Asthma and Immunology Department, told the news source. "We're looking to see in the study if increases in air pollution are triggering asthma attacks that cause patients to go to the ER."

According to Medical Daily, a separate study has drawn strong conclusions that exposure to increased levels of airborne pollutants can have a direct impact on a child's likelihood of developing asthma. 

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