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Research reveals definitive connection between air pollution, lung cancer

Scientists have long known of the correlation between increased levels of airborne pollutants and serious diseases, but a comprehensive new study has revealed the extent to which air pollution and chronic conditions like heart disease and lung cancer are connected. According to The Guardian, emissions from traffic and industry have a direct impact on the incidence of lung cancer and other potentially fatal diseases.

Researchers collated data from 17 separate studies in nine European countries to arrive at their conclusions. Key findings of the research paper, which was published in British medical journal The Lancet, indicated that long-term exposure to nitrogen oxides and particulate matter substantially increased the number of cases of lung cancer reported in the population.

In addition, the risk of developing lung cancer rose by 18 percent for every 5 microgram-per-meter rise in particulate matter with a diameter of 2.5 micrometers, and 22 percent for airborne pollutants with a diameter of 10 micrometers.

According to CBS News, even moderate exposure to low levels of air pollution can have a significant impact on an person's likelihood of developing lung cancer. As a result, concerned individuals may want to invest in an IQAir GC MultiGas medical-grade air filtration system to reduce levels of particulate matter in their home.