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Ozone regulations upheld by federal court judge

Environmental policy can be notoriously difficult to draft and even harder to enforce, as evidenced by a recent legal decision in Washington, D.C. A federal court judge recently upheld the ozone regulations set forth by former President George W. Bush in 2008, reports The Associated Press. 

The air pollution standard in question refers to a mandate signed into law by Bush governing acceptable levels of ozone in the atmosphere. During his initial presidential campaign, President Barack Obama vowed to strengthen the law to protect public health, but eventually decided against it due to pressure from Republicans who argued that any tightening of the laws would have a negative economic impact.

Many environmental advocates and public health officials were disappointed by the ruling that the standards are sufficient. However, some states, such as Missouri, which had challenged the EPA's research, agreed with the decision, claiming the regulations promised by Obama would be too stringent, according to E&E News.

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