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Obama evaluating environmental impact of Keystone pipeline

Although the issue of creating jobs and promoting economic growth is never far from the headlines, the controversy surrounding the proposed Keystone XL Pipeline has proven particularly divisive. In his latest comments on the matter, President Barack Obama reiterated that the environmental impact of the project remains a top priority for his administration, reports The New York Times.

The key issue at stake is the amount of carbon that will be deposited into the atmosphere if construction of the pipeline proceeds. Recognizing the fact that atmospheric carbon pollution is already a serious problem in many parts of the U.S., Obama said he would only authorize the project if the pipeline does not "significantly exacerbate" levels of carbon in the air. He added that Canada, where the Keystone XL Pipeline originates, could "potentially be doing more to mitigate carbon release."

According to Politico, Obama's remarks follow a series of comments on the accuracy of projected levels of airborne carbon that could be created by the pipeline. Speaking to Congressional Republicans, Obama said that some analyses of the project's environmental impact had been exaggerated.

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