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China's air pollution woes worsening

It is no secret that China has one of the worst air pollution problems in the world, but new data suggests that the issue may be even more serious than previously thought. According to Bloomberg, some parts of China reported levels of airborne pollutants at more than three times the safe levels recommended by the World Health Organization.

The maximum safe limit for airborne particulate matter is 25 micrograms per cubic meter, but in 74 Chinese cities, levels routinely exceeded 76 micrograms for much of the first six months of 2013. Many of the worst-affected cities were found to be in the northern province of Hebei, one of China's most heavily industrialized areas and a key part the country's steel manufacturing sector.

According to the Xinhua news agency, China's southern provinces experienced significantly less air pollution last month than northern regions. In particular, the Pearl River Delta, an urban agglomeration in southern China, reported acceptable levels of airborne pollutants for most of June.

China's pollution crisis is significantly worse than conditions in the U.S., but the need to ensure air quality is as high as possible is no less serious. Concerned individuals may want to invest in an IQAir GC MultiGas medical-grade air filtration system for their home, particularly if they or their family members suffer from respiratory ailments such as asthma.