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Date night ideas for the allergy-prone

Allergies, especially those related to environmental issues like pollen or ragweed, can make it unpleasant to have a picnic, head to the beach or go on any other common date outings. Even though some couples may be allergy-free, chances are one, if not both partners will experience mild or severe symptoms in spring, summer and fall. In fact, it's estimated that one in five American adults are inflicted with at least one allergy or asthma symptom, WebMD reports. 

Though it may seem like there is nothing to do with a date except watch movies at your home, if you have a professional-grade air purifier like the IQAir HealthPro Plus, there are a few other ideas to keep in mind. 

The experts at Huffington Post recommend taking a new date to a museum or art gallery. Not only will doing so show you're interested in culture and the arts, but since such facilities are in charge of keeping valuable items safe, many boast air purifiers and other air quality measures to avoid moisture or germs from harming the goods. This makes museums high on the list of allergy-friendly date night outings. On the same note, taking in a comedy show could be equally as fun, while helping you relax, working to reduce any inflammation or other side effects linked to allergies.