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Tips to beat allergies this season

When it comes to allergies, the odds are that at least one member of every family will be affected. In fact, WebMD reports a child with one parent who suffers from allergies has a 33 percent chance of developing the condition, while a child with two parents with allergies has a 70 percent chance of feeling the effects of changing seasons.

There may be no way to fully ward off allergies, but there are ways to curb its effects. Allergist Neil Kao recently discussed options for reducing itchy eyes, runny noses and more in Greenville News. According to Kao, limiting outdoor exposure during the peak allergy season is the best way to keep symptoms at bay. Keeping windows and doors shut, despite wanting to let in the warm weather is another must - since pollen and other allergens travel through the air. Making sure to give Fido a bath more frequently than usual is an important step as well - the same particles that travel through the air can easily get trapped in his coat.

Tips like these are helpful in keeping family members allergy-free, but those looking to do more might want to consider installing professional-grade air purifiers into their homes. An option like the Airgle PurePal Plus AG850 will help trap allergens and dust, allowing people to breathe easy in any season.