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  • Asthma could be passed down through generations

    Close to 18.9 million American adults are currently living with asthma, while more than 7 million children are also inflicted with the condition, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports. Even though certain factors like air pollution have been found to play a role in the development of asthma, a new trial finds that grandmothers' smoking habits could cause their grandchildren's condition.

    The study, published in the journal Review of Obstetrics & Gynecology, discovered this after reviewing the effects nicotine had on pregnant rats. During trials, scientists found rats who were given nicotine while pregnant gave birth to asthmatic babies. These baby mice then had babies of their own when they reached adulthood, and even though they did not ingest nicotine prior to giving birth, many of their babies were born with asthma. 

    Such findings suggest that the effects of nicotine can leave "heritable epigenetic marks on the genome, which make future offspring more susceptible to respiratory conditions," according to Science Daily.

    Even though more research needs to be conducted to verify these results, parents can still help their children who suffer from asthma now. Ensuring a child has an inhaler to deal with triggers and installing air purifiers like the Airgle PurePal CleanRoom AG900 in the home can ensure youngsters breathe only fresh air while relaxing with family. 

  • Air pollution could be linked to increased addiction risk

    Air pollution increases risk for a variety of medical conditions ranging from asthma to cardiac arrest, according to a recent study by Rice University. Now, new data has discovered air pollution typically found in urban regions may also trigger a behavior similar to addiction.

    The study, published in the journal Environmental Health Sciences, found that baby mice who were exposed to particles found in urban air grew more impatient in waiting for treats than a second group of mice who breathed in filtered air. In fact, 43 percent of the test group of mice hit a lever for treats instead of waiting for their reward. Mice who breathed only filtered air were much more patient when it came to wanting treats. More surprisingly, adult mice exposed to air pollution did not develop impatience like their younger peers.

    Researchers believe this shows that breathing in high levels of pollutants, like those from car exhaust, could negatively affect how much self-control people have if they've breathed bad air in at a young age - possibly highlighting a link between air pollution and addictive behavior. 

    Even though more research needs to be conducted to verify these results, parents can ensure their youngsters breathe in fresh air by installing professional grade air purifiers like the Airgle PurePal Plus AG850 into their homes.

  • Certain foods could suppress allergy symptoms

    More than half of all Americans (55 percent) have at least one allergy, WebMD reports. This leads many to spend more time indoors to avoid certain symptoms. Even though staying inside, breathing in fresh air thanks to a professional grade air purifier like the Airgle PurePal MultiGas AG950 is an option, so is changing your diet to reduce your allergy-related issues. 

    WebMD reports foods that are rich in antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids and other nutrients have been found to ease inflammation and mucus build-up caused by certain allergens in the air. 

    When it comes to breakfast, families may benefit from consuming homemade or low-sugar oatmeal paired with a full serving (1 cup) of fresh fruits to keep troublesome symptoms at bay. For lunch, sticking to a turkey or chicken sandwich made with light cream cheese and cranberry sauce may be best. Pair this meal with a side of three-bean salad to get plenty of fiber or light yogurt with fresh berries mixed in for an antioxidant punch. 

    Keep your family feeling good at dinner too, by serving up a creation of teriyaki salmon with hearty brown rice and broccoli. Eating meals that are made with fresh, vitamin-rich ingredients can keep people feeling less foggy during allergy season, letting them enjoy spending time in the great outdoors. 

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