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Salt Lake City officials make changes to tackle air pollution

Side effects of air pollution and smog have continued to come out in recent years, and members of the Utah Division of Air Quality are looking to make some serious changes around the region. Fox 13 News reports the group met recently to discuss the state's air pollution levels, and ways to reduce areas with the highest rates.

This winter alone, Utah has had 22 red air days, while the state had just five last year. Red days refer to days of excessive PM pollution. During the recent discussions, board members decided wood-burning boilers that heat homes will no longer be legal in counties with high pollution rates. More regulations are set to be put in place in the near future - the state hopes to reduce its air pollution by 30 percent by 2014. 

Curbing air pollution in the U.S. is growing increasingly important. A new study published in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives has found there is a small, but real link between air pollution and lower birth weights for babies. 

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