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How to rid your new home of smoke smells

Moving into a new home is an exciting time for most people, but learning a smoker previously lived in the space can be an instant downer. The Mayo Clinic reports smoking in a home can result in thirdhand smoke, an issue that stems from residual nicotine and other chemicals getting trapped in indoor surfaces such as rugs. 

Unfortunately, getting rid of such residue is not as easy as simply opening up the windows and airing the space out, but there ways to get the job done.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports the task of removing cigarette smells from a home is a bit lengthy, and includes cleaning all the carpets with a quality carpet cleaner and then vacuuming the rugs approximately 15 minutes after the application. Washing down the walls with an all-purpose detergent and leaving small bowls of white vinegar in rooms that are most pungent can also aid in the cleaning process. 

In order to rid the space of thirdhand smoke, it might be smart to invest in an air purifier like Airgle PurePal CleanRoom AG900 to help boost clean air in the home. A medical-grade air purifier like this will help remove smoke residue, allowing families to enjoy their new space comfortably.