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Flu shot not working well for elders

Flu season is winding down, but that doesn't mean people are free from its grasps. Seniors are among the most affected by the virus due to their weakened immune systems, and a recent study from the experts at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has found some issues with this year's flu shot and how well it protects the over-65 demographic.

The study revealed on average, this year's vaccine was only 9 percent effective against the most prevalent strain, H3N2, among seniors. The vaccination was found to be 56 percent effective among people in other age groups. Despite the recent finding, scientists aren't entirely sure why the shot isn't protecting the elderly.

Dr. Marc Siegel, a professor at NYU Langone Medical Center told HealthDay News, says he believes the vaccination didn't work well for seniors because it's too hard for their immune systems to get a boost from the shot.

"The reason this vaccine is not that effective for the elderly is because it's hard for the elderly to mount an immune response," Siegel told the news outlet.

Because the flu is so detrimental to seniors' health, family members may want to consider installing a medical grade air purifier like the Airgle PurePal CleanRoom AG900  into an elder's home to ensure he or she is breathing well for the duration of the season.