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Air pollution partly to blame for rise in childhood asthma

Air pollution is a serious problem around the nation, with high levels hovering around most of the major cities in the U.S., according to the American Lung Association. Not only does pollution like smog negatively affect a person's body and overall health, but it can also increase the risk of people suffering an early death from issues like heart attacks and stroke. 

A recent study conducted by scientists from the University of Ulsan's College of Medicine has found a link between air pollution and an increased risk of childhood asthma. The link was made when youngsters also had a history of suffering from bronchiolitis, or inflammation of the bronchioles. Researchers found of the 1,743 children involved, those who had a history of bronchiolitis and who had been exposed to high levels of air pollution, where more likely to develop asthma as a result, in comparison to kids who did not have either problem. 

"Together, these findings suggest that environmental control may improve respiratory health in children with atopy or bronchiolitis," said Soo-Jong Hong, lead author of the study.

Even though strides are being made to reduce air pollution levels stateside, it may be helpful for families to install an air purifier like the Airgle PurePal CleanRoom AG900 into the home to give children a chance to enjoy fresh air in their dwellings.