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Chevron contests requirement for pollution controls

A fire at the Chevron refinery that produced a black cloud of smoke on August 6, 2012 resulted in 15,000 people seeking treatment at local hospitals and clinics. As a result, the Richmond City Council and the Bay Area Air Quality Management District are urging the company to use new pollution-control technology to rebuild the plant.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that Chevron officials are contesting the request by telling air quality specialists that the company does not plan to increase production and is instead intending to repair existing equipment. 

Some local residents and air quality officials are not pleased with the company's decision and are calling for legal intervention.

"Chevron and public officials should know already that this community is not going to sit back and let them continue to pollute us. We're going to figure out how to fix this problem," Greg Karras, senior scientist with the advocacy group Communities for a Better Environment, told the news source.

Many local homeowners were impacted by the smog created by the August plant fire. Residents concerned about future pollution production can purchase home air purifiers. Units like the IQAir HealthPro Plus HEPA Air Purifiers can reduce the presence of fine particulate matter in a home and remove increased risk for respiratory problems.