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California ready to auction pollution permits

Soon, California's greenhouse gas emitters will have the option of buying pollution permits. CBS News reports that this is a landmark moment for the cap-and trade system, which was designed to control pollution emissions in a given region and encourage the adoption of green-technology.

Environmentalists and legislatures have debated the effectiveness of a cap-and-trade system for a significant amount of time without a national solution. California's program is the most expansive option of its kind. The news source reports that this latest development is a key part of the state's 2006 climate change laws that are currently being implemented.

More than 350 businesses will take part in the auction.

"The auction will take place," said Evan Westrup, a spokesman for the governor, according to the news source. "We will be monitoring the program very closely and the Air Resources Board will make modifications as appropriate."

Homeowners located in an area with a business that has purchased more permits from the cap-and-trade auction may want to consider using home air purifiers to reduce the presence of fine particulate matter.