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Air quality watch issued as result of a Coon Creek fire

An air quality watch has been issued following a fire near Coon Creek in San Luis Obispo County. The Santa Maria Times reports that the health watch was issued by the county Public Health Department and the Air Pollution Control District.

The smoke from the fire is traveling downwind and is negatively impacting air quality as monitoring stations record elevated levels of fine particulate matter and soot in Santa Maria and Lompoc.

Those people who are considered "at risk," like the elderly, children and those with heart or lung disease or any respiratory condition, should remain indoors. Anyone experiencing shortness of breath or elevated levels of coughing are advised to monitor their condition to determine if going to a hospital or medical clinic is warranted.

Smoke and fine particulate levels can negatively impact the health of anyone at any age. Concerned individuals can invest in a home air purifier to reduce the presence of these pollutants throughout the year. A unit like IQAir HealthPro Plus HEPA Air purifier benefits everyone spending significant time in a space.