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The Obama administration approves Arctic drilling

The Obama administration has approved a one-year air pollution permit for an Arctic drilling rig operated by Royal Dutch Shell, The Los Angeles Times reports. This could result in the initiation of controversial oil drilling off the coast of Alaska, which some environmental experts claim would destroy the natural ecosystem and lead to air and water pollution.

"Today’s planned announcement that the Environmental Protection Agency [EPA] has given Shell Oil an exemption to pollute in America’s Arctic Ocean is yet another sign from the Obama administration that they are putting the whims of a corporate giant over the future of one of our nation’s most valued natural treasures," said Cindy Shogan, executive director of the Alaska Wilderness League, according to the news source.

The EPA's compliance order requires the careful monitoring of generator emissions to ensure that pollutants created from the machines do not exceed federal standards - especially for toxins such as nitrous oxide and ammonia. Such pollutants can travel along air currents for hundreds of miles and impact the health of homeowners far away.

As the hunt for energy sources continues, more plants, oil rigs and gas refineries may be constructed, which could lead to an increase in air pollutants. Homeowners concerned about the air quality they are breathing can invest in a home air purifier to reduce the presence of fine particulate matter and toxins within the house.