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Forest fires in the West may affect air quality

Most people don't want their homes to smell like fire smoke and they certainly don't want to breathe in the smoke. However, according to The Oregonian, officials in the city of Sisters have recently warned residents that nearby wildfires may affect the local air quality.

The Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) has been encouraging parents to keep their children indoors and for elderly individuals to stay inside. The department's air quality inspector Frank Messina told the news outlet that the conditions are unhealthy. "If it looks smoky outside, conditions are not good," he suggested. "People should use logic and common sense."

The publication states that the temperature inversion has pushed the smoke to ground level and has created hazardous breathing conditions. This may prove to be especially dangerous to people with respiratory issues such as asthma, as well as other conditions affecting the lungs and heart.

William Knight, a spokesperson for the DEQ, told Oregon Public Broadcasting (OPB) that those who must go outside should avoid manual labor or exercise outdoors.

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