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Valley's air pollution levels could stop local construction

The San Joaquin Valley has historically featured raised levels of air pollution, but that quality may soon impact local roadway construction efforts. About $500 million in federal funds intended for building highways and other roadwork projects could soon be frozen if the local air district cannot create an initiative to reduce air pollution levels.

PM-2.5, which is comprised of tiny bits of soot, diesel, moisture and chemicals, is known to trigger asthma and heart problems and might even cause early death, The Fresno Bee reports. The San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District is set to produce and vote on an air pollution plan this upcoming December - just in time for the deadline set by the federal government.

Homeowners located in the valley who are worried about the impact of such high levels of air pollution can invest in a home air purifier to reduce the presence of fine particulate matter indoors. In areas such as San Joaquin Valley, it is vital to ensure the air within a home is cleansed of toxins.