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EPA prepares to fight summer smog

Baltimore is among 45 metro areas nationwide with unhealthy levels of air pollution, reports the Baltimore Sun. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Baltimore and its suburbs were labeled as "nonattainment" by air quality standards set in 2008 for ground-level ozone or smog.

A lower ozone limit cap was set at 75 parts per billion for the Baltimore metro area. While the city did not meet the standards, the EPA still labeled it as moderate in terms of air quality. City officials will have to create plans of action to show how they expect to reduce ozone pollution to meet EPA standards in the coming months, reports the news source.

Homeowners concerned with the health implications of breathing in smog can invest in a home air purifier. The standards set by the EPA aim to reduce the negative health repercussions of smog, which has been linked to exasperating respiratory illnesses such as asthma and increased risk of stroke, heart attack and some form of cancers. IQAir HealthPro Plus HEPA Air Purifiers can reduce your long-term exposure to harmful toxins.