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Georgians educated themselves for Air Quality Awareness Week

The Clean Air Campaign and Governor Nathan Deal will kick off Air Quality Awareness Week on April 30, according to The Weekly. The national movement is supported by the Environmental Protection Agency, which hopes to promote education and encourage green practices on the part of businesses and individuals.

In Georgia and across the nation, sustainable commuting practices such as biking, public transportation and carpooling is being promoted as a small act with a big impact.

"Air Quality Awareness Week is a reminder that small actions can make an immediate, positive impact on the air we all breathe," said Tedra Cheatham, executive director of The Clean Air Campaign. "Commuters, employers and schools all play a role in this issue because in many areas of Georgia, half of smog-forming emissions come from vehicle tailpipes."

Unhealthy air quality can increase a person’s risk of heart attack, stroke and some forms of cancer and exasperate respiratory illnesses such as asthma. Homeowners concerned about their health may wish to invest in a home air purifier and educate themselves on smart practices to reduce exposure.