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EPA proposes new national air pollution standard

The Environmental Protection Agency proposed updated regulations to reduce carbon pollution from new power plants. It is the first step toward facilitating the development of new technology and safety controls. By creating these standards, corporations will have the incentive to improve the performance and integration of the advancements in new power plants that are not yet online.

"Today we’re taking a common-sense step to reduce pollution in our air, protect the planet for our children, and move us into a new era of American energy," said EPA administrator Lisa P. Jackson. "Right now there are no limits to the amount of carbon pollution that future power plants will be able to put into our skies – and the health and economic threats of a changing climate continue to grow."

If you’re concerned about the negative impacts of older power plants on you health and that of your family, invest in a home air purifier. These new national standards proposed by the EPA are only in the first stage of planning and have rounds of challenges, evaluations and development in store for them in the coming years. By the time they are fully in use, your long-term exposure to smog and harmful pollutants could have already negatively impacted your health. Purchase the IQAir HealthPro Plus Air Purifier – it’s an investment in yourself.