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Traffic pollution linked to increased risk of stroke in older women

Two studies published in the Archives of Internal Medicine in February 2012 link moderate air pollution levels to an increased risk of stroke in women. After the investigation of medical records for 1,705 women with an average age of 71 living in Boston, MA, researchers found that the chance of having a stroke on days of moderate pollution was 34 percent higher than on good days.

That risk rose between 12 and 24 hours after the pollution level increased, and showed a dose-response relationship, reports Medical News Today. As air pollution levels increased, so did the rate of cognitive decline. Every 10 µg per cubic metre increase in particulate matter concentration the women were exposed to was the same as the cognitive decline of aging two years.

Invest in a home air purifier to reduce the risk of long-term pollution exposure. Air pollution negatively impacts the health of people of both genders. However, the increasing correlation between moderate pollution levels, which are currently considered safe under federal regulations, and increased risk of stroke in women is disturbing. A home air purifier could limit exposure and give a person greater peace of mind.