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Are your jeans a little tight? New hypothesis links obesity to air pollution

A new hypothesis, which still awaits testing and further research, proposes the increase in carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere may be affecting human brain chemistry to signal an increase in appetite, which could contribute to the current national obesity epidemic. The theory links increased CO2 levels to making blood more acidic, which in turn cases neurons that regulate appetite to encourage feeding more frequently.

"If it turns out that people are increasing their food intake due to this mechanism of global warming and greenhouse gas emissions, we would suddenly be getting a new dimension," said Arne Astrup, head of the department of obesity and nutrition at the University of Copenhagen. "This could give us an explanation for why the entire population on this planet is increasing in body weight as soon as there is available food."

If the research ends up indicating CO2 levels do promote obesity, a homeowner may have more reasons than ever to install a home air purifier. Air pollution already has a negative impact on an individual's health by increasing risk of heart attack, stroke, cancer and aggravating respiratory illness such as asthma and bronchitis by impairing lung function.

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