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Study suggests air pollution may cause cognitive decline

Recent research from Nurses' Health Study links air pollution to a decline in the cognitive skills of older women, reports The study evaluated coarse and fine pollution in relation to cognitive decline in women using a study population from the Nurses's Health Study Cognitive Cohort.

The study included 19,409 women between the ages of 70 and 81 in the United States.

"In this large, prospective study of older women, higher levels of long-term exposure to both [coarse and fine particulate matter] were associated with significantly faster cognitive decline," the researchers wrote in an issue of Archives of Internal Medicine, reports

Homeowners concerned over their health should invest in a medical-grade home air purifier to reduce exposure to both coarse and fine particulates. Individuals should be aware and consider their options as more and more studies come out suggesting the negative health impact of breathing in pollution.

A home air purifier can improve the air quality within the space most people spend the majority of their time - the home - and therefore decrease the time spent breathing in toxins.