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New study connects air pollution to Alzheimer's-like brain changes in youth

A new study published by the Journal of Alzheimer's Disease suggests that exposure to air pollution can cause changes in children and young adults that are similar to those seen in Alzheimer's patients, according to Environmental Health News.

The disturbing correlation between a disease typically seen in the elderly appearing in the brains of children has scientists working to determine how poor air quality can affect the brain.

Conducted in Mexico City, an area notorious for its high levels of air pollution, North American researchers studied the postmortem brains of children and young adults who had suffered accidents, reported Environmental Health News. More than half of the participants examined were younger than 17.

Air pollution is not limited by borders and can spread out to surrounding areas. San Antonio, Texas, is less than 1,000 miles from Mexico City, for example. Investing in a home air purifier can reduce toxin exposure by improving air quality within the home or office environment.

This study builds upon growing research that suggests links between air pollution and brain function. A previous study has found links between air pollution exposure and inflammation, which commonly occurs and is indicative of injury in dog and mice brains. Air pollution may have lasting effects and individuals may wish to do as much as they can to reduce their exposure to these types of toxins.