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Indoor air can contain more pollutants than outdoor

A recent study found more than 400 chemicals ranging from pesticides to phthalates inside household air in Arizona homes. Researchers placed air-collecting devices in 52 homes in Arizona along the Mexican border for 30 days, according to Environmental Health News. Using chromatography and mass spectrometry, they were able to identify 400 individual chemicals.

However, 586 chemicals were cataloged, leaving scientists unable to identify at least 120 of the chemicals, the source reports. A high-end home air purifier could assist in removing toxins inside the home.

Amongst the identified chemicals, there were 27 different organochlorine pesticides detected. P,p’-DDE is a breakdown of the now banned pesticide DDT and was detected in more than 90 percent of homes, according to the source.

While the majority of the unidentifiable chemicals were similar to fragrance compounds, many of the identifiable elements are considered to be a risk to human health with long-term exposure. The high concentrations of banned pesticides and other organic compounds has helped bring upon the realization that average home air quality may often be worse than its outside counterpart if a home air purifier is not used.