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EPA requires new limitations on mercury emissions

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) created new regulations that set a federal standard on mercury and other toxic emissions in an effort to improve air quality on December 21.

The new rules set specific emission limits for all existing and future coal plants. In regional areas that house coal plants, homeowners may wish to invest in a medical-grade home air purifier to assist in reducing air pollutants in the home.

To assist plants in meeting the new standard, the EPA will provide technical and economical strategies in hopes of achieving successful reductions of mercury and other neurotoxins. Mercury is proven to be especially harmful to children and pregnant women.

"These standards rank among the three or four most significant environmental achievements in the EPA's history," John Walke, clean air director of the National Resources Defense Council, told CNN. "This rule-making represents a generational achievement."

Being toted as a critical update to the Clean Air Act, the new regulations are getting strong support from many environmentalists and health organizations. Home owners looking to improve air quality in their homes until the new regulations are firmly in place in three years may wish to look into the IQAir HealthPro Plus air purifier.