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Dust storms may negatively impact West Coast air quality

Winter dust storms located on the high peaks of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado have sharply risen, and out of the 65 dust storm events that have occurred since 2003, 32 have happened in the last three years, according to the Center for Snow and Avalanche Studies.

These dust storms reduce air quality, which may have an adverse effect on an individual's health if he does not spend time in an indoor facility equipped with a professional-grade air purifier.

The dust in these regions carry a distinct iron oxide-heavy chemical signature, according to The New York Times. For those monitoring regional air quality, the increase in dust storms and the alarmingly high rates of asthma may suggest a link. A 2010 indicator report by the Utah Department of Health states that areas identified as frequently affected by dust storms experienced pronounced levels of asthma that exceeded statewide averages.

The survey reported that 13.6 percent of adult residents in these rural areas suffer from asthma in comparison to the 7.5 percent nationally, reports The New York Times. Homes equipped with an IQAir® HealthPro Plus air purifier could experience reduced levels of asthma attacks by eliminating air pollutants.