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Christmas allergies don't have to ruin your holiday

While Christmas is supposed to be a time of togetherness and relaxation, for some people it can be a torturous time that brings watery eyes and itchy throats. While others gather around to decorate or celebrate the holidays, there are those who dread the season of pine trees.

While many would assume it's the pollen from the pine that's driving them crazy, many trees are cut after pollen season is over, so the culprit is usually the mold that grows on trees in storage. Still, there are other reasons that pine trees could be making your nose run.

So how do you deal with a pine allergy during the time of year when it's most difficult to escape? An artificial tree might be the easiest method, though many feel as if an artificial tree defeats the purpose of the season - and if you're not the one making the tree decisions, you're out of luck. If a genuine pine is a necessity in your home, do your best to shake the tree out thoroughly before you bring it inside the house. You should also consider investing in a medical-grade home air purifier. This machine can help control your allergies by removing a large portion of the allergens in the air.