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Asthma caused by pollution is claimed to be false

Pollution has long been linked to asthma symptoms. The development of asthma may be separate from the presence of pollution, but the presence of pollutants in the air has been proven to increase the instances of asthma attacks in those already diagnosed.

Recently, Senator Ron Paul used a chart he created to claim that pollution levels had fallen while the percentage of people diagnosed with asthma had risen. He used these separate pieces of information to attempt to prove that pollution levels had no effect on asthma whatsoever.

Environmental and health groups immediately responded, claiming that he had used skewed statistics and faulty reasoning. They said that pollution had never been the sole cause of asthma, just that it worsens the problem.

The motivations behind this claim may not be completely known, but until more research has been done, it may be hard for asthmatics and parents of asthmatics to believe that pollution has no effect on the condition. To stay safe and improve your health, consider investing in a medical-grade air purifier to remove as many airborne pollutants as possible from your indoor environment.