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Mold forces closings all around the U.S.

Mold is becoming a big problem this season. Just this week, school children from Waterford Township, New Jersey, were forced to endure a week-long shutdown of all three elementary schools in the region after mold was discovered in at least two of the schools, reports MSNBC.

But the problem doesn't stop there. According to Southern Maryland Newspapers Online, approximately 350 college students at St. Mary’s College of Maryland were displaced from their dormitories due to mold infestation. And in Wyoming, the state Department of Health stated that an entire building at the Wyoming State Hospital at Evanston was closed because of mold, reports the Star Tribune.

"We have found our experience with mold in the residence halls this semester extremely frustrating, as have other colleges and universities in rain-soaked areas this season," St. Mary's College President Joseph Urgo told the news source. "Hurricane Irene and subsequent, prolonged damp and rainy weather exacerbate mold conditions in these residence halls."

All institutions, whether publicly or privately operated, should do all in their power to ensure that children, patients and other individuals are safe from the hazards of mold this season. Using HEPA air purifiers, such as the IQAir HealthPro Plus, is one of the best ways to ensure that the air within your buildings is safe for those who occupy them.