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Hospital-recommended asthma plans aren't producing healthier children

A recent study conducted by The Joint Commission has indicated that children who are hospitalized due to asthma attacks are likely to need to return to the hospital due to asthma-related complications, despite receiving an asthma-related home management plan from healthcare professionals upon their discharge, reports Reuters.

In all, 8 percent of children were re-hospitalized within three months of their previous hospital visit, and about 11 percent needed to visit the emergency room.

According to researchers, one major factor is that families may not follow the home management plans handed out by hospital workers. In many cases, a child's family may not be able to afford or obtain the recommended medications.

"Intuitively having a home management plan of care...makes perfect sense and that should improve their outcomes," lead study author Dr. Rustin Morse, from Phoenix Children's Hospital in Arizona, told the news source.

In addition to obtaining the proper prescription medication, the number one thing parents can do to reduce the severity of flaring asthma symptoms is to create a safe haven within the home. Using hypoallergenic materials such as carpets, pillows and bed covers can help, as can cleaning floors and surfaces on a regular basis to make sure they're free of dust and other irritants.

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