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Texas school group fights secondhand smoke exposure

Public smoking is not uncommon, but it is especially prominent on college campuses. Oftentimes, schools have little regulations in place to prohibit smoking. In turn, secondhand smoke can cause a number of health complications for those who are regularly around cigarette users.

Recently, one student group banded together in an effort to reduce public smoking, according to the Daily Texan Online. The Texas Public Health organization released a list of regulations that are targeted at smokers around campus. The goal was to encourage cigarette users to abide by these rules to prevent others from having to inhale secondhand smoke.

"I don't feel it's too much to ask that smokers make the effort to ensure they're not exposing others in their environment to secondhand smoke," Thomas Haviland, a group member, told the news source. "We feel that it would be malpractice for us to not at least recommend options that could help prevent that."

Some people turn to air purifiers to rid secondhand smoke from the atmosphere. A HEPA filter can remove some of the toxins associated with cigarettes.

The IQAir GC MultiGas Air Purifier has a HyperHEPA filter that can eliminate toxins from up to 900 square feet of space. This can be especially beneficial to those who suffer from respiratory ailments such as asthma.