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Ozone alert issued for the Kansas City region

With the warm weather and the humidity that comes with summer, it is not uncommon for pollution to stay at ground-level and cause breathing complications. This is why public health officials are quick to warn individuals about the air quality to prevent people from suffering from health issues.

Recently, an ozone alert was issued for the Kansas City region on August 1 to acknowledge the high level of pollution in the air, according to The Eudora News. The Mid-America Regional Council Air Quality Program issued the alert upon finding the amount of toxins to be harmful to breathe.

During an ozone alert, individuals are likely to find difficulty breathing through smog. The warning should especially be taken into consideration by elderly people, children and those with respiratory ailments.

An air purifier can make it easier to breathe in the home. A HEPA filter can remove harmful chemicals from the atmosphere and lower the chances of breathing complications.

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