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Casinos willing to negotiate public smoking ban terms

Many regions are considering bans on smoking in public areas, and Ohio County in West Virginia is one of them. Smoking can cause a series of negative health complications, including cancer. However, secondhand smoke can be just as detrimental to those who inhale it on a regular basis.

Recently, the Wheeling-Ohio County Health Department began pushing the idea of a ban on public smoking across the area. However, local casinos are not thrilled about the idea, which they feel may deter business, according to The State-Journal.

"Economic impact has always been a concern with Clean Indoor Air regulations, even back in the 90s when it was introduced in West Virginia," Health Department Administrator Howard Gamble told the news source.

Although it puts casinos in a compromising position, many say they may be willing to comply if there is a transition period to do so.

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