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Arkansas celebrates secondhand smoke legislation

Not all states recognize the dangers of secondhand smoke with limitations on smokers, but Arkansas is one place that does. Recently, the state celebrated the fifth anniversary of the Arkansas Protection for Secondhand Smoke for Children Act and the Arkansas Clean Indoor Air Act, aimed at reducing levels of cigarette chemicals in the air.

Both of the laws were put in place in 2006, according to The Sun-Times. The Arkansas Protection for Secondhand Smoke for Children Act will be expanded to protect children from riding in cars with smokers. The goal is to provide further protection for kids who may not have a choice in whether they inhale secondhand smoke.

"We all know secondhand smoke is dangerous," Senator Percy Malone told the news source. "I'm happy to have sponsored the Act that will protect the health of our children and pushes closer to a smoke-free Arkansas. Recent scientific studies have produced irrefutable evidence that kids, cars and cigarettes are a very dangerous combination."

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