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Teddy bears handed out to promote less smoking around kids

Although most people are aware of the dangers that come with smoking, many fail to consider the repercussions of using cigarettes around children. Napa Valley residents are now banding together in an effort to educate people further on the negative health effects of secondhand smoke.

Recently, members of the Community Action Napa Valley (CANV) Tobacco Education and Quit Smoking Program created a plan to distribute 500 white teddy bears at child care centers, according to the Napa Valley Register. The stuffed animals are wearing red T-shirts that say, "My bear loves clean air."

"It's a wonderful time to give families something that's fun," Peggy Klick, director of the CANV Tobacco Education and Quit Smoking Program, told the news source. "If a child is putting this bear on his or her bed, it's a message to the parents, if they smoke, to at least take their smoking outside."

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