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Smoke shops allowing consumers to roll cigarettes

The rising prices of cigarettes have deterred many smokers from continuing with their bad habit, but shop owners are beginning to ease the irritation with a new proposal: let smokers create cigarettes of their own.

Recently, a slew of shops opened in the Pittsburgh area to allow smokers the opportunity to roll their own cigarettes, according to Pittsburgh Live. For smokers who used to spend approximately $70 on a carton of cigarettes, such as David Ogilbie, the cheaper option is growing in popularity.

"I used to smoke Marlboro," Ogilbie told the news source. "These taste better, plus I don't have to light them 50,000 times."

Cigarettes still remain a leading cause of preventable death in the U.S., and second-hand smoke can be just as dangerous for those who are in the presence of a cigarette user.

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