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New Jersey community bans smoking in public places

It's widely known that cigarette smoking can cause a slew of health problems, ranging from lung cancer to emphysema. This is why more cities across the country are attempting to make a difference by putting a ban on smoking and protecting others from second-hand smoke.

Recently, legislative officials in Paramus, New Jersey, discussed banning smoking in public places. An ordinance was made official to prohibit smoking in parks, swimming facilities and playgrounds. Although the fines run as steep as $500, the goal is to encourage people to quit and make it easier to breathe in the community.

"We're very pleased that the Paramus Board of Health is very interested in preserving public health in Paramus for its residents and visitors to parks, especially since the parks are places where people congregate to engage in physical activity," Karen Blumenfeld, executive director of New Jersey Global Advisors on Smokefree Policy, told the news source.

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