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Jefferson County health officials push for more anti-smoking legislation

As more cities institute bans on public smoking, local governments and programs are standing up to vouch for more legislation in favor of cigarette-free areas. Recently, officials from the Jefferson County Department of Public Health in Alabama applauded the city of Fultondale for issuing a law against public smoking, according to CBS affiliate CBS42.

In light of the development, the Department of Public Health representatives are now working to make the entire county smoke-free. Their argument is that there is no safe level of secondhand smoke, and cities would be better off health-wise if similar laws were passed.

"It's a gold standard because it protects everyone," Teri Chafin, Director of Community and Dental Health, Jefferson County Department of Public Health, told the news source. "There are no exemptions for private spaces or private businesses that employ workers so you know you don't have to choose between a paycheck and your health."

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