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Strong winds carrying pollen, wildfire smoke across the country

Many people look forward to dry, warm weather after months of winter blizzards, but it can be quite another story for allergy-sufferers. In combination with the wildfires that have ignited in the southwest region of the country, allergy season has been nothing but misery for many Americans, according to NBC affiliate 9News.

Recently, allergist Rohit Katial from National Jewish Health told the news source that pollen has been especially prevalent for this time of year.

Grass and tree pollen have been named the culprits, and dry weather across several areas of the country have caused the allergens to linger for longer than usual. Wildfires in the southwest region of the U.S. have also created a large amount of smoke and air pollution, which has been carried across the country by strong winds.

Air purifiers have been helpful to individuals suffering from allergies, removing pollen from the atmosphere through HEPA filter technology.

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