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  • Hyatt hotels begin offering allergen-free rooms to guests

    A number of household surfaces are known to attract and trap allergens, but beds are commonly overlooked as one of the most potentially irritating accommodations in a room. Everything from pillow cases to blankets can catch skin particles and dust, making them an annoyance to allergy-sufferers.

    Recently, the Hyatt hotel chain announced that it will begin doing its part to help allergy patients when visiting their facilities, according to ABC Action News. The company is now developing rooms specifically for allergy-sufferers who require clean air to breathe easier. Furnishings are chemically treated to prevent allergens from sticking to surfaces, such as beds and tables. Air purifiers are included in the rooms to keep particles from irritating guests with allergies.

    Similarly, air purifiers can have a positive effect on individuals who want to keep their homes allergen-free as well.

    The IQAir HealthPro Plus can trap ultrafine particles smaller than 0.3 microns in size that cause allergy attacks. Dust, cigarette smoke and pollen can all be removed from up to 900 square feet of space. The IQAir HealthPro Plus can be especially helpful for individuals who live with asthma as well.

  • Heat wave leaves Maryland residents gasping for clean air

    Air pollution is a common problem in many cities across the country, but stifling heat can often trap smog and make it more difficult to breathe. Recently, Maryland was struck with a heat wave that left individuals gasping for air, according to the Baltimore Sun. Those with respiratory conditions were especially vulnerable to complications as a result of the lingering smog.

    In an effort to reduce the effects of air pollution, environmental experts have been recommending a reduction of the use of carbon emission vehicles and appliances. Using power mowers and painting on days with high ozone levels can make it more difficult to breathe.

    Individuals who suffer from allergies or respiratory conditions such as asthma can benefit from air purifiers as well. These devices are designed to remove irritating particles from the air, including pollen, dust and cigarette smoke.

    Those who want to dramatically improve the air quality in their homes may want to purchase the IQAir HealthPro Plus. Its HyperHEPA filter can trap ultrafine particles smaller than 0.3 microns in size, making it easier to breathe. The air purifier can remove irritants from up to 900 square feet.

  • Vacuums, dehumidifiers can remove allergens from living spaces

    Allergy season is inevitable, but suffering symptoms does not have to be an exhausting process. There are a number of ways that allergy patients can cope with Mother Nature by taking a few preventative measures in their own homes.

    According to Fox News, a dehumidifier is a must for individuals who suffer from allergy attacks on a regular basis. This device can remove moisture from the air, which often traps irritating particles in living spaces. Pollen, mold spores and pet dander are likely to linger in a humid atmosphere.

    Experts say that vacuums are also another must-have for people with seasonal allergies. Many models on the market come equipped with HEPA filters that are designed to remove allergens from carpets and furniture, which can trap small particles over time.

    Finally, an air purifier is a good solution for individuals with allergies or other respiratory conditions. These devices are designed to remove everything from pollen to dust from the air to make it easier to breathe.

    The IQAir HealthPro Plus can be especially helpful with its HyperHEPA filter, which can trap ultrafine particles smaller than 0.3 microns in size. It can remove irritants from up to 900 square feet of space.

  • Chattanooga receives EPA approval for clean air

    It can be difficult for a city to clean up its act after years of producing air pollution, but Chattanooga, Tennessee, was recently commended by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for its efforts. The EPA says that the city now officially meets smog standards, meaning citizens are safe to breathe the air. This is significant for the Tennessee hub, which is home to more than 520,000 people.

    "We commend local and state officials, as well as the residents of the Chattanooga area, who have been working collaboratively with us to reach this milestone," said Gwen Keyes Fleming, EPA Regional Administrator. "This accomplishment signifies that the citizens of Chattanooga are breathing cleaner air and leading healthier lives."

    Smog is not only unsightly, but it can cause a number of health problems and pose a threat to those suffering from respiratory conditions. Air purifiers are one solution that many have turned to in order to cope with high levels of pollution.

    The IQAir HealthPro Plus has helped many people remove harmful particles from the air. Its HyperHEPA filter is designed to trap ultrafine particles smaller than 0.3 microns in size, ranging from pollen to cigarette smoke.

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