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Ozone alerts issued for several Ohio counties

When air pollution surpasses standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency, legislators are typically prompted to issue ozone alerts. This was the case across a number of counties in Ohio recently when smog became a health hazard, according to the Newark Advocate.

Licking, Delaware, Franklin, Knox, Fairfield and Madison County were all placed under ozone alerts by the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission. Strong winds and temperatures reaching approximately 90 degrees Fahrenheit were partially to blame for the alert. The wind is expected to shift the smog across the region.

Individuals with respiratory illnesses, children and the elderly are susceptible to health complications during an ozone alert. Staying indoors while the warning is in effect can help reduce the chances of suffering from pollution-related ailments.

People in the affected region are encouraged to reduce their carbon emissions by carpooling and utilizing public transportation when possible.

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