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Michigan issues ozone alert due to high levels of pollution

Many parts of the country are already feeling summer weather roll in, and as a result, air pollution has become a growing concern due to the heat. Michigan is the latest region to take action against the smog that is making it difficult for residents to breathe.

On June 7, legislators issued the first Clean Air Action Day for the Lakeshore area as smog threatened to cause health complications for individuals in the region, according to WHTC-1450. The Michigan Department of Natural Resources says that the combination of heat and automobile exhaust is to blame for the high levels of pollution.

During the ozone alert, the Macatawa Area Express offered free rides on some of its bus routes to cut down on exhaust. Utilizing public transportation and carpooling are easy ways to reduce air pollution.

Individuals who want to breathe easier can purchase an air purifier for their homes. HEPA filters are designed to remove irritating particles from the air.

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